Welcome to Gamma Flight!

So you’ve completed your Delta Flight training & evaluation program. Congratulations on learning on how to control your powers and not be a menace to society. And now you’re a double volunteer, agreeing to join the premier team of Metahuman law enforcement and civilian protection in North America. This means you’ve demonstrated that you’re not crazy and have an ability or abilities that will help in a meta-powered crisis.

Your training program here at the RCMP Depot will be intensive, apprehensive and comprehensive. You will experience real-life cases from the past to learn from the mistakes of those who wore the cape and cowl before you. When you leave this campus, you will be better prepared for the world of Meta-powered mayhem than any private team in existence.

Good luck.

This campaign takes place in Regina. Learn more here.

The other Canadian teams are Alpha Flight and Beta Flight.

This campaign has a few Campaign Rules.