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Premise: The PCs are Canadians who have developed superpowers and are offered an opportunity to join “the Flight”, a government group operating under D.oM.E. (Department of Metahuman Elucidation).

The Flight Program

They are trained in the use of their superpowers in a group called “Delta Flight.” The lessons are free of charge and resemble high-tech variances of physical therapy. If they are willing, are up to the physical and mental minimum standards, they are offered a place with a national peacekeeping taskforce made up of three levels.

Gamma Flight

This group is similar from Delta training but are now team members beginning training in group tactics and combat and criminal situations. They also start to draw a salary and get insurance. When the other two groups are occupied, in certain circumstances, this team may be called into a real-world crisis situation and support local or national police.

All personnel do their initial training at the RCMP training camp in Regina. After that, they either return to the Gamma group closest to their city or are relocated (with their permission) to one of the Gamma Flight Groups located around the country.


Early 80s through mid 1990s: The 1st generation of the Northern Guard and Mighty Canadians make way for a more organized group of supers, the Sentinels which had groups on both coastal areas. As they retired, Celestar and and the 2nd Force Knight establish StarForce and a new generation of Northern Guard.

20 years ago: Toronto, with the aid of the Angelstone Laboratories, establishes a confidential training program for emerging metahumans, both psychological and physical. Most learn to control their powers and settle back into their old lives. Their information is kept secure and confidential from all, including most of the Toronto Municipal structure and Parliament Hill in Ottowa. A few who show promise become local vigilantes with contacts with the police. There are rumors that Ottawa contacted the program and recruited staff for the JTF-X, the ‘black ops’ super team that no one has been able to confirm to exist.
The program is a smashing success, with data showing huge reductions in property damage, insurance rates and casualties, which almost completely cover the cost of the program.

15 years ago: The Battle of Detroit. Most of StarForce (Justiciar, Dust Devil, Argosy and the Constable) are slain in the final stages of the battle. Prism Girl, with her light based powers is able to barely survive the space-based death ray that Doctor Destroyer unleashes on the city. Above the earth, Celestar is either killed or dispersed by the exploding weapons platform firing the beam. Forceknight is able to make re-entry and survive. In Windsor, across the river, the JTF-X is rumored to have also been destroyed in a separate attack on an ancillary Destroyer base. That city also suffered tremendous damage. A controversy arises when these casualties aren’t listed among the Honored Thirteen, the American heroes slain in the battle.

With the apparent death of the Red Ensign a few months before, this effectively ends superhero presence on a national level in Canada. The only notable team left is Les Esprits Guardiens, of whom Le Fort and Voyaguer were severely injured during the fight.

Shortly thereafter, an emergency team was formed involving some questionable Federal Statutes passed in the aftermath of these tragedies, the Government forms a hastily put-together team named Team Canada. The personality clashes, questionable motivation and mission perimeters cause this team to implode in civil actions and criminal probes after a mere four years of operation.

10 years ago: Supervillian and Metacrime activity increases significantly. Parliament passes the Metahuman Training Bill, based on the Toronto program. It forms Department H to oversee the program. They create the Flight program, Delta which will train metas across the country to manage the powers they develop, and Alpha and Beta Flights as the new national supergroups, with Gamma Flight as the training grounds for those teams. Angelstone develops the various training centers and equipment, and expands the database they established in Toronto.
While the program is getting started, the Sentinels are requested to come out of retirement. While the first groups are training, Gazelle, Star Sapphire, Adamantine, Sirius and Skylark, try to hold things together.

Eight years ago: The first Gamma Flight class graduates, forming the first Alpha Flight and Beta Flight teams. Their careers are nearly cut short by Baron Nihil, crazed Nazi scientist with a hatred for all things Canadian. This baptism by fire cements these new national heroes in the public consciousness.

Six years ago: A brief public firestorm erupts when the Exo-Planetary Society accuses a Gamma Flight member, Glowstick, of being a Gadroon plant. The tensions increase when a blood test shows he has Gadroon markers mixed in his DNA. However, it’s revealed that the blood test was faked but it’s never revealed who switched the blood samples.
Three years ago: The disappearance of several local vigilante superheroes is revealed to be the work of Nihil. While Alpha Flight investigates, the Baron discovers where Gamma Flight is training and kills or cripples the entire class. The bad press puts a chill on recruitment.

Today: Your character is among the first inductees into the Gamma Flight Program in four years.

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