Beta Flight

Beta Flight is intended to be a mix of supers, those who are still training but are on their way to being rather powerful and some who have peaked at a lower level of metahuman ability and aren’t ‘high-end’ enough to graduate to Alpha Flight. The intelligence arm of Department H determines whether to use Beta or Alpha Flight in a conflict. Characters at this level get a costume designed to specs free of charge. Beta Flight members have access to certain government equipment and transport. They still train up to one week a month, two weeks ‘on call’ and one week off. The individual members also begin pursuing solo missions as appropriate.

In addition to the already established squads, Beta Flight consists of;

Song Bird, older sonic projector/folk singer, Scimitar, a former fencer who can summon groups of energy blades, Glow Stick, a DJ who has a glowing blob of energy inside him which he can manipulate, the Invisible Hand, a stockbroker who has telekinetic abilities, Mind’s Eye, a mentalist specializing in remote viewing and telepathy, Vibron a construction worker who developed vibratory powers, Sirius, sorceress from the Sentinels, Spout, female sailor with water powers. “Man Mountain” McCreary, a trapper who emerged from a cave 75 years after he went in and gained Growth powers.

At this level and above, a costume is available free of charge. Some still wear their Gamma Flight outfits with small modifications.

Beta Flight

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