Gamma Flight

Session 5 Log
I left my heart in Sam Clam's Disco

XP – 5

After the initial weekend, Monday is a fairly quiet day with the team settling into RCMP classes and their individual PT routines. The Local PD reaches out to Double Trouble to say that the person he should talk to about youth gangs is Sgt. Addie Parsons. DT, Biistaagen and Glacia head over after dinner as Sgt. Parsons is on a swing shift.

Heading back to the squad room, they find a makeshift cubicle with a chain-smoking, blue-jay hat wearing, profane cop in it. When DT explains what he’s looking for, she inquires about his credentials. When he mentions that he’s press, she replies “No comment—forever.” When he and the others produce their GF ids, she agrees to hear them out. She’s a bit annoyed (and mentions the possibility of pedophilia charges) about DT’s techniques for listening in on the local youth. After some other exchanges, DT mentions that Kelly Washington had encountered some of the Dead Boys and got invited to work a Rave. This catches her attention as the “Y” unit has had no luck infiltrating or even getting much info on this new gangs. She gives the team a card to give to Quill Girl. Then she shoos them away to get to work on the mountain of paperwork it’s going to take to get a Federal Trainee involved in a local undercover op.

Tuesday is uneventful. On Wednesday, Sgt. Serge approaches the team to attend a Metabiology/Forensics lecture that had been scheduled before they had been assigned to the Depot. As they walk across the quad, Biistaagen is struck by a bolt of energy, rendering him paralyzed. “Meta-Sniper exercise has now begun.” says Serge. After playing Cat and Mouse with a person equipped with the basic weapons and tools of MechaAssassin, the team is able to take him down.

Later that week, the team is awakened in the middle of the night to assemble for a quick trip. They’re taken to a tony downtown apartment building. There is a argument about the involvement of the trainees in an actual crime scene. After settling that, the team goes to the top floor where there are two bodies on the terrace of one of the top apartments. One, an Asian man, has a huge hole in his chest and a crossbow by his side. The other is an older Caucasian man with a bolt in his chest and a heart in his hand.

All of this is happening during a very late season snow.

The older man is Dr. Zelazny, the owner of the apartment, and the head of a local non-profit society, called the WIndWalkers. The other man is a Stevedore who works for the Black Lotus Trading Company. The crossbow and other clues indicate a membership in the Dragon Tong. They have the only fingerprints in the apartment. Inspection of the apartment reveals some odd books, including one on nothern country myths involving a being called Ithaqua and Wendigos. Also Biistaagen’s sphere vision reveals a open space in a globe of the world. Inside is a pillow with an indent, indicating an object was taken.

Video shows the Asian man entering the apartment with a person wearing a hat, which hides his identity.

The team determines that there are only about a half dozen members of the WindWalker Society. They interview the first member Scott Alexander, who is a failed artist. They learn that the thing in the globe is some kind of artifact, and that the Dragon Tong are also called the Brotherhood of the Star-Treader, who seem to have some strong issues with the WindWalkers.

Session 4 notes
Ruffles and Crushed Velvet

Total XP – 4

At the end of the Friday meal at the University of Aboriginal Studies, Professor Leaphorn mentions that they’re doing an “Idle no more” event with a potlatch to coincide with the revelations about the Sixties Scoop scandal.

Over the weekend, Kelly “Quill Girl” Washington Joins Patricia Garret, Bianca LeFevre and Jennifer Lassiter for a ’girl’s night’ on Saturday. She encounters a group of pale, nearly identically dressed Goth-like gangers who are calling themselves the Dead Boys. Kelly ingratiates herself with them and gets a card and an offer to work a rave two Thursdays from then. The card has an odd symbol on it.

Painbringer volunteers at a crisis call center and gets a strange call from a girl who thinks her year and a half dead brother was at her window. He’s dressed similarly to the Dead Boys Kelly encountered.

When Kelly looks up the symbol, it’s not in their metahuman database. However, Elymas sees the symbol and wonders why she’s looking up the gang sign for the Bowery 13, a rival gang from his neighborhood in Toronto. It is also, coincidentally the gang that Carlisle Facinelli was a member, who moved here a short while ago and likely has a grudge against Dreadnaught.

Meanwhile, Double Trouble decides to do some investigative reporting in his copious spare time. He poses as a stick and gets a lot of dirt on the youth gang drug scenes. However his later inquiries are not as successful. Upon his return to the GF quad, he also overhears the situation about Bowery 13, Dead Boys and the rave.

Monday brings a new, more challenging physical regimen tailored to each person after their initial evaluation.

Then they are brought to the marina by the river where they run their first active Metavillain scene. It’s been run for every Gamma Flight squad so it’s a big day out for the local populace who cheer and jeer as the cadets run through the scenario.

An underwater armored terrorist named Dauntless threatens the harbor with mines and torpedoes. He blows a simulated hole in a boat down the river and the team rescues the crew and stops the leak.

They learn of a local inventor who they save from a bomb and learn that Dauntless is the modified diving suit the inventor developed. He’s modified it with weapons. They learn the armor has a weakness to flourine. They’re also able to come up with a makeshift jammer for the mines. They prevent Dauntless from blowing up the minesweeper brought to clear the harbor and then they drive him to the surface. In a protracted battle, where the GM forgot what being Dazed meant, they break the suit.


Session 3 Notes

Concluded the Bulletproof man investigation.

Session 2 Notes

Gamma Flight initial sparring/targeting scores in top 95th percentile for initial testing

Painbringer is “Primary” on interrogation/investigation test case.

Game Session 1

Experience Point Total: 0

PARE results
Minimum requirement; 4:45 minutes
Dreadnought: 1:58
Double Trouble: 3:56
Biistaagen: 3:58
Painbringer: 4:28
Glacia: 5:05

Double Trouble is Primary on Initial Disaster training session


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