Gamma Flight

Session 7 Log

Wendigo, Wendistay

End of Session XP Total – 7

Glacia passes her re-take of the Physical Abilities Requirement Evaluation (PARE) test with a time of 4:38

The cadets, having been in on the investigation of the strange death of Dr. Zelazny, are brought in as back-up for a raid on the Black Lotus Trading Company, a known front for the Dragon Tong, also known as the Followers of the Star-Treader. The group had been implicated in both the Doctor’s murder and attempted murder of Dr. Hodges, his close associate later that week.

The amount of mystical activity surrounding the case concerned Lt. Philip Wiley and he reluctantly asked for Gamma Flight’s involvement. A trio of patrol officers served the search warrant. They and a group of ERT troopers go in and after being led into the back (past the store front) there is a sound of chanting over the radio and the officers appear out of a portal in front of the building, looking singed. Lt. Wiley gives the signal to the team.

They move in, guided by their comms and Biistaagen’s bubble vision. After furious fight with the cultists, they secure the store and warehouse. A search discovers a ladder down into another section. Quill Girl sneaks down the hole and sees a small room with chanting people in a half circle around a desiccated corpse sitting in a lotus position in a priest’s robe. Stretching her powers, she puts them all to sleep. The corpse animates, saying something in a foreign language and then is still.

The police cart away the suspects and the gang goes back to Depot. There, Sirius, an ancient sorceress now in Beta Flight, has arrived. She was going to reach out but when she read the reports, it made more sense to her just to come to Regina. She looks over the evidence and interview notes and starts investigating where the mound that was mentioned might be.

The group attempts to interview the remaining subjects from the WindWalker Society. But they are both gone, with Catherine Mitterand lying about her whereabouts. Sirius lets them know about three intersections in the ley lines that would qualify as a place to do a great summoning, which she believes is the end goal of the society. Biistaagen checks in on Hodges, who has ‘flown the coop.’ They find an amulet of the Star-Treader cult in his desk drawer.

The group splits up and Biistaagen and Glacia come upon the group. Glacia’s infrared detects the people but there are three large shapes in the snow that she can’t read. She also feels a strange pull towards the group she can’t explain but is able to resist it. They call the others and when they arrive, the three shapes seem to detect them and move towards them, revealing themselves as Wendigo. A savage battle commences with the team emerging victorious.

Glacia is compelled towards the Eye of Ithiqua and when it touches her, it absorbs into her body. A light forms at the center of the chanters that sucks them in.

In Glacia’s head, she hears a voice, “Daauugghhtteer….” then it’s gone.

The amulet found at the Hodges residence has two sets of DNA on it. Hodges and that of a John Doe found in the river a week before Zelazny’s death. Further investigation shows that it’s Lee Fong, whom the suspect in Hodges’s attempted murder indicated as having gone missing. A more in-depth analysis of Fong’s body show evidence of meta (or mystical) damage, indicating that Hodges was involved in his death and possibly the death of the man at Zelazny’s apartment, and had arranged the bodies there as forensic countermeasures.



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