Gamma Flight

Session 6 Log

It was the Cultist in the Veranda with the Crossbow...

XP – 6

The next day the team does their morning PT routines, but classes are suspended for them to continue the investigation.

Glacia is informed that she needs to retake the PARE test next week.

The team head down to police headquarters on Osler Street where the autopsies are being conducted. The investigative team now includes Sergeant Addie Parsons as she’s already had contact with the Gamma Flight and this may be related to gang activity. She’s agreed (reluctantly) to liaise with the trainees.

The autopsy on Dr. Zelazny is more standard. He died of a quarrel wound that nicked his heart and pierced his lung. Death was very quick. There is no indication that his body was moved but it’s possible that it may have been if very shortly after death.

Richard Lee, on the other hand, is a mystery. It’s clear that his heart and viscera were ejected from his chest but there are no tell tale microscopic Psionic damage that works like a ‘fingerprint’ for most metahumans. This indicates a more mystical origin.

The team sends an email to Sirius, a sorceress and member of Beta Flight concerning. She will contact them later (Next Session)

Parsons suggests continuing to investigate and interview the remaining members of the Secret Society of the WindWalker.

When the group goes to interview Alt-punk musician “Stalin”, Quill Girl notes that he’s being tailed. She separates from the group while team interviews the subject. He doesn’t reveal much as it’s clear he’s a newer member of the group. He indicates that it’s possible that Zelazny, Hodges and Stride might have the arcane knowledge to do the “Kalimar” trick. But he thinks it unlikely that they would.

Part of the team follows the tailing couple back to the Sofitel. DT turns into a ball and listens in on them while they talk on the phone in the lobby. It’s clear they have two other partners. They go upstairs. Painbringer bluffs the front desk staff into giving the details about them and their room. We learn that it’s PI, Journalist, Student and Lawyer from New York. It’s clear from online research that they’re investigating the journalist’s son’s disappearance.

After some machinations, the team confronts them and learn that Dr. Hodges has been feeding them information about both the WindWalker and Star-Treader groups. It’s also clear that he’s minimized his involvement in the Society to them. The disappeared student came through Regina but it’s not clear that he left. However, during the conference, the Lawyer returns and says that there’s now evidence that he was in Vancouver after he was here so they must leave for the coast.

Next on the list is Dr. Phillip Hodges. He agrees to meet them at a cafe. When they arrive, a man in a hoodie across the street fires a crossbow at the doctor. Quill Girl jumps in between and takes the bolt which catches up in her shirt. She is unharmed. Biistaagen attempts to englobe the man but he evades it. Glacia freezes him into submission. They take both Hodges and the man down to the nearest police station.

The crew split to interrogate the would-be assassin who lawyers up. His mouth-piece, Leo Marashino, takes a call (Biistaagen spied on them). He gives enough that the team suggests a deal.

Hodges cooperates and has smooth answers for the discrepancies in his activities.

Allen Shepard is next and the team interviews him in his office. He leches somewhat charmingly on the women. He gets into a heated discussion with Double Trouble but reveals something about a mound in their rituals. He clams up after that.

Dr. Elizabeth Stride is another smooth talker, revealing little (from my memory, if anyone else recalls more please speak up.)

Professor Joe Leaphorn sheds some light on the concept of Windwalker, mentioning a dark spirit known to some as Ithiqua. He offers a possible weakness for the wendigo is a red-hot object shoved into the heart.

Shortly later, Parsons lets them know that the attack on Hodges has allowed for a search warrant for the Black Lotus Trading Company for the next night.



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